Story Time

It was funny, because the other day, I went to this “almost” event (an event that was supposed to happen but never happened), and I couldn’t get in at first. This lady comes to the door and I started to walk away. She opened the door and was like “Were you trying to get in? Why’d you walk off?”

I was like “Yes, but I know I’m a big guy and I saw you by yourself; I didn’t want you to feel intimidated.” Keep in mind that we were in a bad neighborhood. She responded by saying, “Baby, I’m a Police Officer, I think I’ll be alright.” Now…obviously, she was NOT in uniform. But the funny part was the shirt I had. You see, I had this shirt in my hand that I was going to change into, and it said, “If You See The Police Warn A Brotha”. I thought at first she might’ve been joking, but then I saw a police officer roll up. Then she was like “Plus, there’s my backup.”

And that was my laugh of the day. She had no idea why I was laughing so hard.


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