His & Hers

Interesting thought of the day:

My dad, grandma, and I were watching a court show. We started noticing that a lot of the cases were chicks suing dudes for money (so called “loans”). My dad said essentially “That’s just how these young chicks in this new generation do. They give the dude all their money and then want it back when they break up and/or her mood done changed.” He went on to say, “Well if this be the case, women been getting away with it FOR YEARS! If these young chicks want to spend all their money to get time with a guy, THEN LET THEM!!!! For years, judges have been giving guys money away! Half of his retirement, HIS money, AND the house. Even when they go out on dates, he’s the one who’s normally paying!”

My grandma said, “I just know they wouldn’t be getting my money. They can give me THEIRS (if they want to), or I can keep my own; but they won’t be getting mine!”

What yal think? Is it right for a chick to sue a dude (for money she gave him), if they break up? Even further, is it right for a chick to be in a guy’s pocketbook, but for her not allow him into hers?


2 thoughts on “His & Hers”

  1. I think its only okay if it was strictly business, and you can conduct business in a relationship (you probably should’nt, but i’ve seen it successfully done). If there was something written with both signatures, like official. Other than that you’re being an indian giver and you should just chuck up your losses cause its what you wanted to do in the moment.. I’m sure he never said he’ll pay you back.

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    1. It’s funny, because as a guy I could be (probably am) biased, but I feel the same way. If you give somebody $200 without a contract and you don’t blatantly, purposefully, and obviously make it known that you want it back, you shouldn’t expect it back. With that being said, unless you have undeniable proof (text, video recording, voice recording, etc), then you’re just giving lip service. You don’t REALLY want it back (from a legal standpoint). However, me personally, if you ask for it back five years later I just might give it to you. Not out of obligation (at that point), but because I’m not gona let you hold that over me and I’d rather not be bothered with you. But I won’t let that happen, because I don’t ever borrow money. If I don’t have funds to get it, then I just won’t buy it.

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