A Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

First of all, congratulations on your latest campaign success. You are a true patriot and an example of the American way. From the small loan of a million dollars to the rhetoric of the “establishment” that trickles off your tongue. You are the perfect example of consistency being key. You ran campaign after campaign until you became a presidential nominee and you should take much pride in that. It is a huuuuge accomplishment.

As entertaining as you have been throughout this process, I have just a few things that I take issue with. There are so many other things that you could be doing, sir. Mr. Trump, why not make the Lakers great again? Why not make America DATE again? Young people are losing their virginity left and right (both literally and figuratively), so why not make America WAIT again?

I only bring this up, because I can’t see what isn’t so GREAT about America. As a young Black male, the “establishment” informs me of the ways that I should or should not dress, groom, and speak; but that same “establishment” won’t hire me. Instead of working for free, the “establishment” actually forces ME to pay THEM to allow me to work. And because of people like you, people that don’t look like you have a rigorous time making a better way of life for themselves. At what point is any of this not GREAT?

It’s not that I dislike you Donald. In fact, I’d like to dislike you, but I dislike that I like you. As easy as it would be to dislike you and all of the racist, sexist, self-entitled, white supremacist bigotry that spews from your lips, I can’t help but like you. Even though you bring out the best of the in America, you truly might be on the verge of making America GREAT. All of the words that were once unspoken are being verbalized! The oozing amount of “closet” racism that has been “hidden” in plain sight for so long is not being given to us in pharmaceutically approved dosages anymore. And quite frankly, I’m excited, because maybe now people will finally realize that racism still exist. Maybe just MAYBE the masses will finally see that discrimination is still done by color, creed, and tongue. Maybe things will start to change.

Maybe we’ll see more businesses that are Equal Opportunity Employers have employees that demonstrate and display equal opportunity. Maybe when you takeover for President Obama, America really will see that orange is the new Black. Maybe colleges and universities will make getting their version of education worth it to the African-American man; but it’s really hard for me to see that when the Board of Education has always been against brown.

I feel like I haven’t mentioned your name in awhile and I hope that hasn’t encouraged you to build a wall around my words. If it has, just know that as a struggling recent college graduate, I can’t afford to pay for it.

Donald, thank you for beating Lying Ted. As a Texan, I truly appreciate that. I heard about that document that all of the Republican candidates signed saying they would support whoever the nominee is. Thanks for showing us that “there’s nothing we can do” shouldn’t cut it anymore, because clearly they can change the status-quo. And you even managed to bring people together! Look at all of the Republicans putting their disdain for each other aside, so that they may come together against you. Some Republicans and Democrats alike are willing to come together to tastefully support Hillary Clinton. However, as we know that is contingent that she grants access to her email server. You truly have already made America great again. The people are ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO POLITICS!!!!!! The people are actually planning to make moves toward the polls! You’ve made America vote again. And for this cause, I thank you for your patronage. You’re bringing us together, even if it is to keep “us” from voting for you.


The Holder of Truths That Are Self-Evident


6 thoughts on “A Letter To Donald Trump”

  1. Mr Trump does not want America to be mediocre. If you cannot appreciate the need for improvement in USA, then you are satisfied and this is it; huge debt; broken infrastructures and an economy run by credit without enough manufacture. A weakened moral, weak immigration and go figure…


    1. Immigration had to be weak in this land in order for the Pilgrims to land here, right? Weak immigration is not necessarily a bad thing. Keep in mind that Trump has declared bankruptcy MULTIPLE times. Not necessarily due to the fact that he needed to. It was more or less to play the system. I say that to suggest that he makes much of his money from investing in the successes of others and many of his own ventures fail. I genuinely don’t believe that HE will be the one to make America GREAT; but he’ll do the “again” part. Bring out the bigots and racists again.


  2. Trump’s slogan (which I hear he has discontinued now) is hiding the agenda “Make America White Again” and he should really have a second slogan “Do as I say, don’t do as I do”. For if everyone paid the same percentage of taxes he does, the government would be bankrupt. But that’s what the far right wants anyway, right? And he does have that bankruptcy experience, for sure. It’s pure wishful thinking that he would run the country other than the way he runs his personal and business life. It’s beyond me how anyone of sound mind could be duped by this reality-show racist demagogue liar.


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