Guys Just Don’t Understand

Sigh I really do think females just don’t get that WE DON’T GET IT!!!!!!! What really got me thinking about this is a situation that happened with this young lady that I like(d) a few days ago.

She started off trying to prep me into her talkativeness. “Chris, I’m about to ask you FOUR QUESTIONS, but it’s going to sound like I’m asking you the same thing.” So here I am mentally preparing for…whatever that meant. Keep in mind that this occurred at around 9 in the morning ON A SATURDAY. I had just had some coffee and I was bouncing up and down like the dudes on Street Fighter when you aren’t pressing any buttons.

She started off with “Have you seen ______?” You know what I said? YES. I hit a Kevin Hart and was like “Yes. I. Did.” Do you know what happened after that? There was a pause and an unpleased facial expression. THEN she got snippy with me and said, “I just asked you if you’ve seen _____. If I ask you if you’ve seen them, you’re supposed to automatically tell me where they are, if you know where they are.” Now…in my mind, after I answered the question I was like “YES! ONE DOWN! Next question.” She obviously didn’t mention that her questions would have follow-up questions that wouldn’t count towards the four original questions. How was I to know that her questions would have a 1:A and 1:B? How was I to know that she expected me to answer questions that she didn’t plan on asking? HOW _____? HOW???

Anywho, after she got snippy with me, I hustled her out of asking me the other three; but I don’t think she realized it. Moral of the story is…that guys (apparently) really don’t get it.


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