Love Birds

This bird couple made a nest under the roofing of the patio outside. I thought I’d share this, because it’s cute.

The mommy bird has been nursing the eggs and keeping them warm for a couple of weeks. I see the daddy bird their often, but it’s mostly just the mommy bird. I guess he’s out there doing whatever birds do for…birdy work. Anywho, I saw him cuddling with her one day while I had the tv on and they looked like they were watching with me. It was crazy, because in my mind the daddy bird took the mommy bird on a date. In my mind, this is what went down.

Babe. Babe…baby!


Let’s go on a date.


Let’s go on a date!

Now you know we’ve gotta watch these kids. They bout to hatch boy!

I know. I know. But we can just leave them for a little while! I promise we’ll be back in time to see them hatch. We won’t even go too far!

Well…okay. If you promise we’re not going to go far. Let me go ruffle my feathers right quick.

Nah, no time. Just follow me NOW!

And after that daddy bird led mama bird over to the ceiling fan on the patio. It was in a bird’s eye view of their nest and only a flight away. After daddy bird landed on one wing of the fan, mama bird got on the one across from his. Then daddy bird got off of his and started winding the fan in a circle, quite similar to the way we would push the mary-go-round when we were kids. After daddy bird got the fan going, he jumped on next to mama bird and let the wind keep it going. They just spinned around and around and around. She snuggled up close to him and they looked like they had the BEST DATE EVER!

That’s the end of the story. I just thought that I’d share this with yal. They started watching Boy Meets World with me.


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