Conquering Female Logic

She hasn’t text me in awhile and I haven’t text her in awhile. She probably is upset with me, because of something I did (or didn’t) do. But if she can get upset, then I can get upset too. Therefore and with that being said, I will be upset with her for…not texting me for awhile. But then again, I haven’t text her in awhile, so that takes her reasoning for being upset to a whole new level. Therefore, she is even more upset and…now I only know part of the reason why.

So I guess I’d better figure out why she was upset in the first place? Especially because at this point she’s probably not gona tell me. Did I just successfully navigate my way through female logic? Yes or no?


6 thoughts on “Conquering Female Logic”

  1. I’d guess she thought she’d stop texting you to see if you’d make more of an effort, or to see if you would ‘text first’. Girls do this all the time because we love texting and will quite often text straight back, or do 6 texts in a row if we could. If we don’t text it’s going against our nature. And we just don’t understand why guys aren’t as pedantic about texting. You either get a stalker dude who will message you all the time, or a good guy who hardly messages. There’s no middle ground with guys. Just my opinion though, i’m probably wrong!

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