Murder Inc.

I miss the old Pharrell. He’s still good today and all, but I just miss that “I’m a hustler baby!” I miss the days when videos weren’t so mainstream. The days of TLC, Outkast, Jay-Z, and Eminem! Back when Ron Isley was always getting cheated on, Beyoncè was CRAZY in love instead of DRUNK in love, and the videos behind the music created a story. But now all I hear is “rappers” encouraging young fellows to “move that dope“. And pardon the pun, but…it just makes me feel some type of way.

A lot of music today has no substance. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like these artists need to find that flow like Flo, so the game can be Progressive.

Music has an effect on many facets of our lives. For example, girls say that guys ask a lot more of them. Well…it’s true. You see, now guys want that love like “Tat my name on you girl, so I know it’s real!” But back in the day, all girls had to do was “Tell me it’s real! The feelings that we feel! Tell me that it’s real!” This continued until us guys gained a little more sense and realized that that wasn’t enough, because “These girls ain’t loyal!”

On that very same subject, WHO the HECK told CHRIS BROWN and Lil’ Wayne that it was a good idea for them to make that song Loyal? Yea, the song IS catchy and…I like it. BUT Chris Brown talking about girls ain’t loyal after he beat Rihanna like she stole his dance moves! And Lil’ Wayne??? Loyalty?!?!?? Does he even pay child support for all of his kids? Didn’t he leave YMCMB? The funny thing is, this ain’t even Weezy’s first offense. How a dude with 22 baby mama’s gon instruct somebody on how to love? That just leaves me BAFFLED! If ONLY the industry operated like Pharrell. Pharrell has money, he has HITS, and he doesn’t age. He was THE right person to make that song Happy! Why can’t the industry operate even like Mary J. Blige! We know Mary done been through some stuff! That’s why she makes great music. It’s funny, because for that very reason, people don’t particularly like to see Mary J happy. If we all truthful, then we all know that Mary’s music is MUCH better when she’s going down! THAT’S the Mary that we know and love!

Yal, I guess this is just my way of saying what Kendrick Lamar said. You know? How the heck did Trinidad James go gold before he did? No pun intended. Am I the only one that wants to picture what paragraphs unloaded and wise words being quoted looks like? Instead of making acronyms like u.o.e.n.o, why not offer something with meaning? Take the “word” swag and provide some creativity. Now, I’m not gona lie to yal. A couple of years ago, I used to have “swag”. I was swagged out in a swag drought. But what if SWAG stood for something like She Wants A Gentleman. But oh wait…that’s not what she wants, is it?

This is my way of saying that…I’m a 90’s kid, and I miss good music. The days when R. Kelly could go from having girls spread their legs to spreading their wings. Back when Eazy-E had us rolling down the street so long that we forgot about Dre. But Ice Cube still told us that day was a good day. We could even start a discussion about how it could all be so simple, but we’d rather make it hard. Or how we disregard artist like Monica and Brandy. And before yal get started, I’m NOT talking about the boy being their’s! I’m talking about how now second place DOES seem to get a prize! And how it doesn’t seem like everybody knows that almost doesn’t count.

We need to put Weezy in the oven and hope that he comes out with 500 Degrees. I remember when the block was hot and now it’s not, because all of these songs are for strippers and thots!

But will things change? I can never tell. R.I.P to Whitney Houston. I’m waiting for the game to exhale.


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