Turn Down For What?

I’d like to share with yal about the Word that I heard at church! First of all, the lesson came from Joshua 1:1-9. For those of yal who don’t know where in the Bible Joshua is, it is the 6th book of the Bible and it more specifically can be located after Deuteronomy.

The subject of the lesson was “turning up” and the lesson was delivered through Minister (not Pastor) Lamont Ross. Also, “Turn down, for what?” was an underlying and well utilized question that centered around the sermon that morning.

Amongst other things that were said, something that really hit home was that we tend to chase success instead of chasing after God. As a result, once we finally “catch up” to success, we find out that it’s empty. HOWEVER, if we chase after God’s own heart and we KEEEEEP chasing after Jesus, we’ll find out that we won’t have to chase after success, because success will be chasing after us!

This Word was heard at Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ.


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