Complacency In The Friend Zone

AND LORD, give me the courage to be a steadfast…UNMOVEABLE expert of all things pertaining to the Friend Zone like SO many that came before me!

Give me the PERSISTENCE of Steve Urkel! It took him NINE SEASONS to get the one he loved. Give me the likeability of Chase Matthews! Zoey traveled across THE WOOOORLD chasing after Chase. Put the Will in me to go find Grace! The humility to be in the Friend Zone and still show my face. Give me the strength of ROSS to just be friends with Rachel!!!!!

To the God of Abraham and Isaac. To the God that allowed the Son to be humbly born in a manger. To the God that was with Daniel as he chilled with no Netflix in the Lion’s Den. To the God that saw GIIIIILLIGAAAAAN off the island!

Let the church say….


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