Was I Being Flirted With?

I have a VERY SERIOUS INQUIRY. Was I being flirted with?

I walked into Dickey’s and everything was normal. She greeted me, asked what I wanted, and that’s the end of that. As she’s making my sandwich, I noticed that she was putting a HUUUUUUGE amount of brisket on it! Now in my mind, I’m wondering if she did it because I’m a big dude and I’m friendly to her. Sidenote that should be noted: this is not her first time doing this. She gave me a free sandwich a previous time.

Anywho, as my food was ready, she started putting it in the bag real slow (as if she was trying to come up with something to say). Then something finally came out. “By any chance, do you have some super glue?” People who know me pretty well know I kinda smirked when she asked me that, because I KNOW that she just set herself up for something sarcastic. I said, “Hmmm…Let. Me. Check.” And I said it in a way to where she knew I was trying to be funny (TRYING because I know I’m not).

After that, she laughed, I laughed, and we had a laughing moment. Then she said, “NO REALLY! Look at my nail! I just got them done and one of them is already chipping!” Then she went into the girl version of a short story (beginning, beginning-middle, middle-middle, end) about her day.

Now…with ALLLLL of this being said, was I being flirted with or was this just a friendly conversation between two people who are less than friends?


9 thoughts on “Was I Being Flirted With?”

      1. That’s a really genuine compliment, thank you! I’m stalking your blog because the contents interesting and it’s about your actual life (I assume haha) I’d love to do that but i’m too chicken! And everyone likes my cat posts so I’ll just keep doing then. I’m ashamed to admit I laugh as I write my cat posts, sometimes so much I snort. So not cool


      2. It really is. Notice, I didn’t say I was particularly a fan of the topics. Not to say I didn’t like them per say, most just didn’t move me. I read them for the Writer and (again), because you have personality.

        As far as writing about your life, I’ve “known” you for five minutes and I’m not gona say what’s best for you, but if you really want to…do it. Just know that prior to doing so, you must remove ALL chips from EVERY shoulder. You leave yourself quite vulnerable to criticism.


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