Was I Being Flirted With?

I walked into Dickey’s BBQ and the girl that worked there was like “I like your shirt!” I said, “thanks” and then she decided to keep the conversation going. She followed up with “You just don’t know how much I like it! That is SO me!” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then she said, “I want it. I want your shirt.” Notice I didn’t put exclamation points on those sentences (hint hint). It was almost like she was commanding more than just my attention.

Once she said that, I made like I was about to take it off and said, “You can have it for a free sandwich!” Then she laughed. Keep in mind that this is the same young from the other encounter. I got my food, she wrung me up, and I went on my merry way. I got in my car, looked at my receipt, and I noticed that I was only charged a little under $2.50. I wasn’t charged for the sandwich yal! Was she flirting with me???

S.N: She casually told me her name while we were talking as she wrung me up. Obviously I’m writing all of this, because I thought she was cute.


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