The Service Is To DIE For!

Sigh I just got THE WORST SERVICE at Chili’s in Cedar Hill!!!!!!!!!!

So my mom reeeeeally wanted to go out to eat and she reeeeeeeeally didn’t want to go by herself. SHE KEPT ASKING ME WHAT I WANTED TO EAT!!!!!! Quite honestly, we didn’t ride to my sister’s graduation together and we drove two seperate cars. Oh yea, AND my sister drove her own car too. My sister went out to eat with her friends and guess what I did! I. Went. Home. I thought that my choice was preeeeetty darn clear. I planned on finding something to eat at home.

Anywho, she just kept passively bugging me about it, so…I went. Of course, those who have been around me know that every time my mom asked me what I wanted to eat, I found a new way to say “I don’t care.” By the time that we got in the car, the answer was something like “I don’t know how much more clearly I can put this. I don’t care. Surprise me. I am openly and willingly deferring my right to have a say in where we eat tonight.” And she was like “I don’t know what I want to eat.” And I was like “Well, that definitely defeats the purpose of us being out here.” She knoooows that she didn’t want me to pick. Because IF IT WAS UP TO ME, anybody who has been around ME knows that I would have just said Panda Express and called it a night. BUT…she finally chose Chili’s.

We walked into the Chili’s in Cedar Hill. We stood there for like 5 minutes and I started to question my own existence. I thought that maybe my fat body was invisible. Then the HOEstess FINALLY acknowledged our presence, BUT I don’t think that she acknowledged that we were customers (if that makes sense). That HOE…stess was all dry and came up to the front speaking REAL quiet as if she was in kindergarten giving a presentation in front of the class! And the bad part was that Chili’s wasn’t even crowded. Did I mention that already? They WERE NOT CROWDED! She ended up taking our name, but after 2 more minutes, we just left.

Step 2: (I’m almost done…kinda) We went to the International Household of Pancakes located in Cedar Hill. WE GOT THE SAAAAAAME SERVICE!!!!!! I. Was. Hysterical. I just accepted the fact that I must not really be where I think that I am. It was craaaaay! Ok, let’s back track a bit for a second. It was funny, because I opened the door for my mom and this couple that walked in. IHOP in Cedar Hill has two sets of doors. My mom waited for the other door to be opened for her. The girl knew what she was waiting for, but…I don’t think the guy did. We went through an awkward pause and then the girl said, “I think she’s waiting for the door.” Looks at her boyfriend Now I don’t know if he just didn’t want to open the door for my mom or what, but uhhhh I think homegirl need to find a new man if he don’t open the door for her. Another sidenote. Why does every female claim to be Independent until there’s a door that needs to be opened???

Anyhow, we get in IHOP and AT LEAST after an ALMOST 5 minute waiting period, the manager comes out and says to us “One moment please. I’m cleaning a table for you.” At least he noticed (in less time than that HOE…stess at Chili’s) that we were indeed NOT invisible. The funny part is that I had to convince myself of that while explaining the Chili’s situation to the girl that walked in with us. She was perturbed with the situation as well.

Let’s fast-foward to us getting our food now. We got our food and it was cold. My mom got them to get her more pancakes, but it was such a sketch night and I really didn’t want them spitting in my food (although it’s neither here nor there that they hadn’t already done so). So I just took my cold waffles, my cold eggs, and my sketch bacon and ate it all. WE HAD TO FIGHT TO GET THE BROAD ATTENTION JUST TO BRING US SOME SYRUP!!!!!!!! Oh yea, also we only got one drink from start to finish. Drake voice No refill! No refill! No refill! No No NO!

Despite ALLLLLL of this, my mom still left a tip. It was like $2. That upset me. Waiters make $2.13 an hour! Do you REALLY feel that she earned an extra hours worth of wages????

People often ask me why (as a young person) I don’t support a $15 an hour minimum wage and this is the story I usually tell them.


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