A Message To Bae

I am a poet. I hold the arsenal. I have the power to bring you to your knees screaming, “Baby baby PLEASE” like Dwayne Wayne.

I am a poet, but I don’t know if I have all the words to describe all of the captivating feelings that I have for you. Even further, I don’t know if you’d even read them.

I write, because it is the only way I get to see me in your eyes. My goal is to write about you so much that I cut you deep and you start bleeding ink. Maybe then you’ll write about me too. Bleed that ink onto paper and use your skin as the pen. Maybe if I’m special, you’ll write about how you want me to pin you up against the wall like the masterpiece that you are.

I want to touch you inappropriately. I want to walk my fingers from the tip of your chin to the small of your waist; leaving nothing overlooked and treating nothing as if it’s misplaced. I want my words to feel as though they’re fingertips tracing the curves of your hips. I want my gaze to have the capability of holding you in place and have you LOVE occupying that space. Every time I take a breath, I’d love to glance over and see that you stopped breathing. Searching, waiting, and longing for the next wave of poetic melodies to flow from my lips. I want every word that flows from my lips to make you fall deeper and deeper under my spell. And I hope it’s a trance that you never loop out of.

I want to write something in such a way that it leaves your heart quivering for days. I want to speak and watch my energy capture your soul. I want your favorite part of me to be my mind, because you’re always on it.

Just know that as I pray for you, I’m preying for your thoughts too. And when I count my blessings, I always make sure to count you at least twice. And even a third time for good measure. You have my heart and knowing it’s in good hands brings me great pleasure.


The Guy That Has No Chance


6 thoughts on “A Message To Bae”

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