Nothing Or No Thing?

The Daily Post Challenge is “Empty“. I thought this would be a GREAT opportunity to reflect back on the time that I gave an “empty” present.

I remember the year that I gave my girl nothing for Valentine’s Day. Fellas, you HAVE to be MEMORABLE!!!!!! I guarantee she will NEVER forget me OR the day she got NOTHING for Valentine’s Day. I dressed up nothing so nice that she thought it was something. And on top of EVERYTHING, I gave her EXACTLY what she asked for.

What I did was put a jar in her apartment in a random spot that she wouldn’t notice. You know, something that she would just pass by everyday and think nothing of it. Keep that in mind. She was looking for her gift at my place one day and I told her that I already hid it over at her place.

She had been looking and looking and looking all that week, but she couldn’t find it. Finally, Valentine’s Day came around. She called me over IMMEDIATELY! Like…as soon as the clock struck 12 a.m. I went over her place, but I told her I wasn’t coming in. Then she grabbed my hand, held it with determination, and told me exactly what I was going to do. She closed the door and was IMMEDIATELY like “Where’s my gift?” I chastised her a bit and said, “You didn’t find it?” Then in a VERY demanding fashion she said, “WHERE IS IT????” I ended up saying to her “Welp…you’re going to have to wait til’ morning.” And of course, she started pouting and she turned a movie on.

Fast-Forward to the morning and she wakes me up shaking me. “Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?” I was like “It’s over there!” She jumps up QUICK and goes in the direction I pointed. “Tell me if I’m getting closer!” Eventually after a few “heat” checks, she finally got it. SHE FINALLY GOT IT!!!!!!!

Remember the jar on her counter that I discussed earlier? Well, I had it turned around so she couldn’t see the label. When she picked it up, she kicked me out. The label on the jar had “NOTHING” written in all caps on it.


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