Kevin Durant Declares His Independence

What a CRAZY turn of events. For those of you that have been under a rock for the last day or so, Kevin Durant is taking his talents to…Venice Beach? Okay, not exactly Venice Beach, but you get the point. Kevin Durant couldn’t find “bae”, so he’s going to the Bay area? Alright, I’m done, but you can read more about what I’m referring to here. Some are calling Kevin Durant “weak“. Some folks are even going as far as to call Kevin Durant a “sellout“. I personally call him a winner.

Yes, Kevin Durant took what seems to be the easy way out; but can you blame him? It isn’t as if he hasn’t been in the trenches! Year after year AFTER YEAR in Oklahoma, Kevin Durant and the Thunder had SOMETHING keeping them from getting over the hump. Whether it was the inexperience of Kevin Durant, Scott Brooks, and Russell Westbrook against Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, and the legion. After they got over their inexperience, James Harden decided not to show up in the NBA Finals! Even further, Serge The Blocker and Kevin Durant had season ending injuries (in separate years).

In short, the Thunder have been known for winning games, but not winning championships. OKC has always seemed to have this unshakable stigma about them. They win 50 games, they consistently go to the Western Conference Finals, and (for whatever reason) they fizzle out. Brandy said it best, everybody knows that almost doesn’t count.

Personally, I thought Kevin Durant would stay in Oklahoma, but then this happened. Yep, Al Hordford signed to Boston. Boston. BOSTON. The Boston Celtics were a good young team last year (led by Isaiah Thomas) and with the addition of Al Horford, they have set themselves up to potentially be a top-5 seed in the Eastern Conference. With Kevin Durant joining Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas, the Boston Celtics would’ve given LeBron James a run for his money. But now (as I said before), Boston is still good; but not great.

Personally, I’m excited about this season. I’m happy for Kevin Durant, because this is a move that could change the “championship or bust” funk that he’s in currently. I’m a Kevin Durant fan and I like his game! The main difference I can see is that Kevin Durant won’t have to be cognizant of rushed shots or “bad” decisions (like he often would have to be in OKC with Russell Westbrook and later on Dion Waiters). His brand is about to go to the next level of Super Saiyan and as I said, I’m excited to see what the future of the NBA has for us.

Say what you will, but Kevin Durant showed us who he really is. He was loyal for an extremely long time and when he left the Oklahoma City Thunder, he left for wins (as opposed to money). He left AT LEAST $15 million on the table and for these reasons, I can respect his decision.


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