It’s crazy, because I actually started out as a numbers guy. I loved math, I was there for the numbers, and I didn’t too much care for words. Time after time, I found myself focusing on the message and not the delivery. Even in the early parts of my schooling, I didn’t struggle to make good grades in my English, Reading, and Writing classes; however, I did struggle to make GREAT grades.

Then something hit me one day. I had been “struggling” with my writing all of my life up to that point, because I wasn’t inspired. I needed the upgrade like Beyoncè and a motivation like Kelly Rowland. Suddenly, one was provided in IMPECCABLE timing. My friend’s boyfriend broke up with her and one random day, I heard her crying in the bathroom. At the school we attended, the boys and girls bathroom on that particular hallway were right next to each other. So if you make enough sound you can hear someone on the other side of the wall. Now I just happened to be in the bathroom at that time and I just happened to know what she sounds like. I didn’t say anything and she didn’t know I was there, but I just waited there on the other side of the wall until I could hear her getting herself together. A few days later, I took the reading/writing portion of the state required high school exit exam. The prompt was something along the lines of “Discuss a time when you helped someone.” Now…guess what I wrote about.

I took a risk. What if they say that I didn’t follow the prompt “exactly”? Again, keep in mind that at the time, I was strictly a numbers guy. There’s only ONE answer that matches a question…blah blah blah. I didn’t realize that the greatest portion of writing is cleverness. It wasn’t my first time being clever, but it was my first time letting go and not holding back.

Longer story short, I wrote about what I would’ve done in that situation if my friend knew I was on the other side of that wall. I turned non-fiction into fiction. I think that if it were a movie, they call it “based” on a true story, right? The words were flowing ever so smoothly from my mind to the pen. Every word PERFECTLY hitting the paper. And apparently I’m not the only person that felt that way, because I received that was without blemish.

I received a perfect score and to this very I still believe that piece of work is my best. Unfortunately, I never saw it again once the test was over; but that piece was the one that opened a door of similes and metaphors for me. The air was much more crisp and so was my writing. I haven’t fully transitioned from being a numbers guy. But much like Algebra, I am now fully capable of working letters into my world of numbers.

Welp…I think this is the most I’ve ever talked about myself. Hopefully this gives you all an idea of who I am, based on who I was.


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