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Kevin Durant Declares His Independence

What a CRAZY turn of events. For those of you that have been under a rock for the last day or so, Kevin Durant is taking his talents to…Venice Beach? Okay, not exactly Venice Beach, but you get the point. Kevin Durant couldn’t find “bae”, so he’s going to the Bay area? Alright, I’m done, but you can read more about what I’m referring to here. Some are calling Kevin Durant “weak“. Some folks are even going as far as to call Kevin Durant a “sellout“. I personally call him a winner.

Yes, Kevin Durant took what seems to be the easy way out; but can you blame him? It isn’t as if he hasn’t been in the trenches! Year after year AFTER YEAR in Oklahoma, Kevin Durant and the Thunder had SOMETHING keeping them from getting over the hump. Whether it was the inexperience of Kevin Durant, Scott Brooks, and Russell Westbrook against Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, and the legion. After they got over their inexperience, James Harden decided not to show up in the NBA Finals! Even further, Serge The Blocker and Kevin Durant had season ending injuries (in separate years).

In short, the Thunder have been known for winning games, but not winning championships. OKC has always seemed to have this unshakable stigma about them. They win 50 games, they consistently go to the Western Conference Finals, and (for whatever reason) they fizzle out. Brandy said it best, everybody knows that almost doesn’t count.

Personally, I thought Kevin Durant would stay in Oklahoma, but then this happened. Yep, Al Hordford signed to Boston. Boston. BOSTON. The Boston Celtics were a good young team last year (led by Isaiah Thomas) and with the addition of Al Horford, they have set themselves up to potentially be a top-5 seed in the Eastern Conference. With Kevin Durant joining Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas, the Boston Celtics would’ve given LeBron James a run for his money. But now (as I said before), Boston is still good; but not great.

Personally, I’m excited about this season. I’m happy for Kevin Durant, because this is a move that could change the “championship or bust” funk that he’s in currently. I’m a Kevin Durant fan and I like his game! The main difference I can see is that Kevin Durant won’t have to be cognizant of rushed shots or “bad” decisions (like he often would have to be in OKC with Russell Westbrook and later on Dion Waiters). His brand is about to go to the next level of Super Saiyan and as I said, I’m excited to see what the future of the NBA has for us.

Say what you will, but Kevin Durant showed us who he really is. He was loyal for an extremely long time and when he left the Oklahoma City Thunder, he left for wins (as opposed to money). He left AT LEAST $15 million on the table and for these reasons, I can respect his decision.


America The “Beautiful”

The history books and the “establishment” tell you that today is Independence Day and we celebrate “freedom”. Now, yal know that I’m more of a realists. The slaves weren’t free and they were considered to be property at that point in history. So instead of freedom, I say that we celebrate what is arguably the greatest tax evasion of all-time

It’s bittersweet when Black people say they’re proud to be “American”. Essentially, what it means is they’re proud to be “Americans” as opposed to being considered “American property” or 3/5’s of a person.

Now What Florida?

Sign: NO Swimming!

White people: I’m gona show them that I can swim.


Sign: NO Swimming!

White people: Oh, it’s okay honey. We’re just standing!


As you can probably tell by now, this post will be about what is known as the Disney Gator Attack. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this article. I saw this the other night, but I didn’t pay it ANY attention, because I thought it was one of those fake tabloid stories. “This is TOO farfetched to be true!” I woke up the next morning and it was the number one trending topic on Twitter. There’s absolutely POSITIVELY no way this should’ve happened. Excuse me, but I feel like giving you all a piece of my mind (free of charge of course).

Sign: NO Swimming!

White people: Well, it doesn’t discourage standing. Therefore, I will stand.

Sign: NO Swimming!

White people: It’s probably okay for us.


Are you all beginning to notice a trend here? Do you see where I’m going? If not, things will start to clear up very soon.

The sign said “No Swimming”. It didn’t say “No Swimming After 9 P.M.” That means you can’t be in that water at any point. So WHY were they in the water? Certainly, I’m not the only one that can see a problem with that! Or maybe…I am? All morning on Twitter, people have been in my mentions saying things like “They were STANDING in the water!” Pardon me, but is that not childish thinking? “FINE! I will not swim. I shall stand.” That’s like a 5 year old trying to see how close they can get to doing something before their parents saying anything. Essentially, that’s the equivalent of “I’m not touching you!” Allow me to further interject.

Once, I got in trouble and my mom told me I couldn’t watch tv. What did I do? I listened to it. I shut my eyes and listened to it. My mom came in like “I thought I told you….” and I told her with a straight face that I wasn’t watching; I was listening. She couldn’t get mad, because I was taught to think my way thru things. Plus, I was like eight. The thing is…I was eight. And in that moment that was childish thinking. Though it may have technically been an accurate statement, what I was doing defeated the purpose of the punishment. These were 2 grown folks yal and much like me, they essentially defeated the purpose of posting the sign. You know, maybe Donald Trump’s ideas are not so farfetched. Would this have happened if the lagoon had a wall around it? Without a wall, you aren’t really enforcing and therefore, are merely suggesting?

I can already see the prosecution against the Disney brand saying something to that effect. I could also see them claiming that it wouldn’t have hurt if the sign said “No Standing” in the water as well. Some people have even went as far as to say “Well, if the sign had said ‘Alligators Present’ it would’ve been more clear.” However, I say that wouldn’t have mattered. If the sign said “No Standing” people would try to float, hover, or levitate over the water. At that point, you might as well put in parentheses “No Walking On Water“. If the sign would’ve said, “Gators Present” I’m thoroughly convinced that these people would’ve went to the gift shop and bought something for the alligators. CLEARLY they were not aware enough to know that they were encouraged to stay out of the water. They weren’t wanted in the water! Well…I’m sure there are some alligators that might disagree with that statement, but that’s neither here nor there. One thing that I will say about this Disney luxury resort is whose bright idea was it to put a lagoon IN FLORIDA right next to a tourist attraction. Really? An alligator nest right next to a children’s park and hotel? FYI, the lagoon was man-made.

Is it wrong to feel bad for the child, but not the parents? As for much of my opinions, I took a lot of flack on Twitter for that statement. One person tweeted “Only if you’ve never made a mistake as a parent.” To that I responded “Well then seeing that I don’t have a child, I say that shoe fits me pretty well. I have never made a mistake as a parent.” Yes, I may be biased as a sower without a seed, but I KNOW that all of this was EASILY avoidable by doing what parents tell their children to do; follow directions.

I teach kids, I work with kids, and kids like me. I KNOW that they (at times…many times) can be difficult, frustrating, ANNOYING, talkative, this, that, AND the other. But in this case, the child couldn’t read or was JUST LEARNING how to read. In those stages, it is remarkably unreasonable to expect a child to decipher right from wrong and that is exactly why I feel empathy for the child and not the parents. Yes, we all make mistakes, but they deliberately put their child’s life in danger and…for what purpose?

For all intensive purposes, just know that I’m wrapping this up (for now). I cannot go on without saying one of the most…interesting thoughts around the message on the signage. I saw a tweet that said “No swimming just means no lifeguard on duty.” I couldn’t believe what my eyes had seen. But you know what? Maybe (just maybe) it does mean something else. I am a Texas native and here in Texas, no swimming means no swimming. It also implies no standing, no dipping your toes in the water, and even if you get to close that just might be considered trespassing. Why is that last part important? In Texas, you have the right to defend your property essentially in any manner you see fit (hint hint even unto death of the trespasser). There’s CLEARLY something in the water (both literally and figuratively). People just don’t have common sense anymore! I’m fact, according to the latest economic polls, common sense is down 2.3% from the month of May. Would it have helped if they added “that means YOU” in parentheses on the signage??? I don’t know. I’m at a loss.

What do you all think about the story? What do you think about this body of writing here. Comment and let me know. I like to think of this as a free space.

I take absolutely POSTIVELY no credit for any of the images, links, or originally expressed ideas within those links (unless otherwise stated).

Turn Down For What?

I’d like to share with yal about the Word that I heard at church! First of all, the lesson came from Joshua 1:1-9. For those of yal who don’t know where in the Bible Joshua is, it is the 6th book of the Bible and it more specifically can be located after Deuteronomy.

The subject of the lesson was “turning up” and the lesson was delivered through Minister (not Pastor) Lamont Ross. Also, “Turn down, for what?” was an underlying and well utilized question that centered around the sermon that morning.

Amongst other things that were said, something that really hit home was that we tend to chase success instead of chasing after God. As a result, once we finally “catch up” to success, we find out that it’s empty. HOWEVER, if we chase after God’s own heart and we KEEEEEP chasing after Jesus, we’ll find out that we won’t have to chase after success, because success will be chasing after us!

This Word was heard at Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ.

Conquering Female Logic

She hasn’t text me in awhile and I haven’t text her in awhile. She probably is upset with me, because of something I did (or didn’t) do. But if she can get upset, then I can get upset too. Therefore and with that being said, I will be upset with her for…not texting me for awhile. But then again, I haven’t text her in awhile, so that takes her reasoning for being upset to a whole new level. Therefore, she is even more upset and…now I only know part of the reason why.

So I guess I’d better figure out why she was upset in the first place? Especially because at this point she’s probably not gona tell me. Did I just successfully navigate my way through female logic? Yes or no?

A Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

First of all, congratulations on your latest campaign success. You are a true patriot and an example of the American way. From the small loan of a million dollars to the rhetoric of the “establishment” that trickles off your tongue. You are the perfect example of consistency being key. You ran campaign after campaign until you became a presidential nominee and you should take much pride in that. It is a huuuuge accomplishment.

As entertaining as you have been throughout this process, I have just a few things that I take issue with. There are so many other things that you could be doing, sir. Mr. Trump, why not make the Lakers great again? Why not make America DATE again? Young people are losing their virginity left and right (both literally and figuratively), so why not make America WAIT again?

I only bring this up, because I can’t see what isn’t so GREAT about America. As a young Black male, the “establishment” informs me of the ways that I should or should not dress, groom, and speak; but that same “establishment” won’t hire me. Instead of working for free, the “establishment” actually forces ME to pay THEM to allow me to work. And because of people like you, people that don’t look like you have a rigorous time making a better way of life for themselves. At what point is any of this not GREAT?

It’s not that I dislike you Donald. In fact, I’d like to dislike you, but I dislike that I like you. As easy as it would be to dislike you and all of the racist, sexist, self-entitled, white supremacist bigotry that spews from your lips, I can’t help but like you. Even though you bring out the best of the in America, you truly might be on the verge of making America GREAT. All of the words that were once unspoken are being verbalized! The oozing amount of “closet” racism that has been “hidden” in plain sight for so long is not being given to us in pharmaceutically approved dosages anymore. And quite frankly, I’m excited, because maybe now people will finally realize that racism still exist. Maybe just MAYBE the masses will finally see that discrimination is still done by color, creed, and tongue. Maybe things will start to change.

Maybe we’ll see more businesses that are Equal Opportunity Employers have employees that demonstrate and display equal opportunity. Maybe when you takeover for President Obama, America really will see that orange is the new Black. Maybe colleges and universities will make getting their version of education worth it to the African-American man; but it’s really hard for me to see that when the Board of Education has always been against brown.

I feel like I haven’t mentioned your name in awhile and I hope that hasn’t encouraged you to build a wall around my words. If it has, just know that as a struggling recent college graduate, I can’t afford to pay for it.

Donald, thank you for beating Lying Ted. As a Texan, I truly appreciate that. I heard about that document that all of the Republican candidates signed saying they would support whoever the nominee is. Thanks for showing us that “there’s nothing we can do” shouldn’t cut it anymore, because clearly they can change the status-quo. And you even managed to bring people together! Look at all of the Republicans putting their disdain for each other aside, so that they may come together against you. Some Republicans and Democrats alike are willing to come together to tastefully support Hillary Clinton. However, as we know that is contingent that she grants access to her email server. You truly have already made America great again. The people are ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO POLITICS!!!!!! The people are actually planning to make moves toward the polls! You’ve made America vote again. And for this cause, I thank you for your patronage. You’re bringing us together, even if it is to keep “us” from voting for you.


The Holder of Truths That Are Self-Evident