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I’m SO EXCITED and I Just Can’t Hide It!

I’ve got my eyes on food! Food’s everything that I see! I want a cup, plate, and a napkin in front of me! I can’t get over food! Just bring me something to eat! I want a cup, plate, and a napkin in front of me!

Okay. Okay. I was excited yal. I just came from the Doctor’s office and I got some blood work done. For those of you that are not familiar with getting your blood tested, that effectively means you can’t eat for a few hours (and by a few hours I mean 12 to 24 hours).

I was FAMISHED! I hadn’t eaten since about 10 last night and my appointment was at 3:30 p.m. I was irritable and impatient with people in traffic (even more than usual), my mouth would stay dry, and I was lackadaisical. I sang to my food you guys! I was in my car like “As sooooon as I get hoooome!” I’m excited! I’m excited! I’M EXCITED!!!!!

Okay, gotta go. See ya.


NOT How I Wanted To Start My Day

As I was backing out of the driveway, this cop passed me by. After I got a little way down the road, I looked in my mirror and saw the cop turning around. Did I panic, no? Fast-forward five seconds later and there were six police cars down the street. SIX!!!!! And they were all split on both sides of the street!

Now THIS made me nervous!!!!! Some of them were out of their cars and they started walking in the middle of the road as I pulled up.

What happened? Surprisingly nothing. Nothing at all. I guess every run in with the police doesn’t have to be bad. BUT sometimes you won’t have any woes to ride thru the SIX with.

Make it a great day people.

Conversations With Myself (Part 2)

“No sir you haven’t.”

That was her response and she added a smiling-laugh face. I honestly don’t know what to think about it. On the surface, I thought to myself “CHRIS! You haven’t messed up yet!!!!!” However, as I thought more into it, she could’ve been sarcastic, she could’ve been amused, and she didn’t offer an explanation. So it could very well mean that she’s done with me. Was it her way of saying I’m being “dra-ma-tic”? Did it really just mean “No. We’re good.”? Did she think it was cute that I showed concern?

I am scared. I’m scared out of my mind. It’d be different if I didn’t know her tendencies, but I KNOW that if she cares, she usually goes into detail. She didn’t even ask why I felt this way. She didn’t let me know if she felt the distance too. Keep in mind that…this is the same girl that asked if she got two Red Box movies, would I consider them to be Red Box or Red Boxes? She believes in detail! This is the same girl that MADE SURE to LET YOU KNOW that she waited a month, before she gave you her new number. If she wanted you in her thoughts, she’d let you know.

It’s funny. I’m just thinking that…Chris, you were ready to react no matter what she said. Chris, go on about your day. For once, let her text YOU. Don’t respond. DON’T RESPOND!!!!! If she’s thinking about you, she’ll text you and ask how you’re feeling. If she doesn’t, then move on! Move on and believe that God has someONE better for you or someTHING better for you to do. After all these years, Lavincia is STILL right. You get caught up on things that you should be passed. It’s a new week! Let it go. One way or another, trust Delvanique to make the next move.

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Conversations With Myself (Part 1)

Tic tic. Tic toc. Another minute runs off the clock. Tic toc. Tic tic. Another minute that your phone is waiting to be unlocked. Another minute that text is waiting to be clicked.

Chris, why oh WHY did you send that risky text? I’m SO glad you stopped holding your breath, because you were waiting for HOURS to get a response. As a matter of fact, YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOUR HOURS FOR A RESPONSE!!!!!! Don’t open it! It’s a trap!!!!!!

I received the response last night and I still haven’t opened it. I’ve been reveling in thinking about her and what it says. Is this the time where she confesses her undeniable feelings for me? Am I gona get all of her love? Is she gona be really pissed that I didn’t respond? Or is the fact that I didn’t respond not gona bother her (which leaves even more concern for me)?

What if it’s a one-word response? She’s NOTORIOUS for not answering your calls and text! Why would she choose to confess her feelings now? Are you stupid???? What if she says yal need to just call it quits? Are you ready to handle that? What if she spits in your face by blowing it over and claiming that you’re being “dra-ma-tic”? What if she’s confused, because she doesn’t feel the rift in our relationship? Why oh why oh WHY did you send that text Chris?

I sent it, because well…it was the only way I thought that I’d be in her thoughts. You see, the difference between me and her is that…it doesn’t take a tornado flying around my room in order for me to be thinking about her. She isn’t my reason for breathing, but I DO only think of her on two occasions. I think about her way more than I should and it scares me. She’s afraid of spiders, so whenever I have a run-in with one, I think of her. We used to have these insiders about Girl Scout Cookies, so it’s tough to not be thinking of her whenever I bite into a Samoa. Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of her. Why did you send that text Chris?

I sent it, because I’m unhappy with the status-quo. I’ve known her for a year and three months, but I stopped getting to know her a few months ago. I hardly see her and whenever I do, it’s awkward. Either awkward, because I don’t know what to say or because I get distracted by her beauty so easily. She is beautiful. She is my chocolate high and now I know what it feels like to be elevated. But at the same time, I don’t know what to talk about, because I don’t trust her anymore. I don’t trust her with my dreams, I don’t trust her with my feelings, and I barely trust her to smile back if I smile at her. I don’t trust her smile, because it’s seductive; that girl is poison. And no matter how soft that butt is, I’ve GOT to listen to Johnny when he says NEVER trust a big butt and a smile.

Chris, why did you send that text? Why are you going thru all of this over a number that you never asked for? You didn’t even ask to be in this situation! And now it feels like you’re losing something that you never had and that’s arguably what hurts the most. So go on about your day. Thanks for opening up to me. Now go open that text.


It’s funny, because people say that I’m not serious; but they take me seriously. I laugh so hard, because I know how sadness feels. It’s easy for most people to be sad, but I’m not most people. I have found ways to make it easy for me to laugh. And if the world laughs along with me, I don’t care. If the world doesn’t laugh along with me, then so be it. That’s yals choice.

Stuff just happens in life and I feel that stuff gets handled better if you laugh at it. Yesterday, I needed a good laugh and the Lord sent me one! I was at Kroger buying Gatorade and Powerade, because they were 69 cents. As I was putting them in my car, one of the bags busted. A few of them started to roll away, but I got them. I put them in the car and got ready to drive. As I was backing out, this guy pulls into the spot next to me and I got on my break. After that, I proceeded to back out and I heard this big POP and splatter! I found out QUICKLY that I didn’t get all of the Gatorades off the ground. Long story short, I ran over one of the Gatorades and just drove off like nothing happened.

The ONLY thing that could’ve made that better is if the guy would’ve tried to get out as that happened! OH I WAS IN TEARS!!!! At that point, I didn’t even care that that was wasted money! It was COMPLETELY worth my 69 cents!

Anywho, that’s how I conquered a situation that could’ve sent me from 0 to 100 real quick. This was my story for the day.