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Mologue of A Mathematician

It’s funny. As an expert in the area of mathematics, I can honestly say I eat, sleep, and live a life of numbers.

I had a dream last night that I was in a math class. It was just your typical Algebra course. The only thing that wasn’t typical was that the teacher was Black. And even further, he was a Black man that couldn’t control his class. It was mainly just two students though.

In my dream, they were ruining things for everybody. Because of them, the teacher ended up giving out a pop quiz. I saw some familiar faces in my dream and they were saying, “Chris, you’re gona take this, aren’t you? You’re not even in this class!” They knew that I would throw off their curve. Ironically enough, I actually did throw off their curve. I got a 100% and the next closest grade was an 82%.

The next class I came in late, because I was trying to decide whether or not I would even go. The teacher had already passed out the graded quizzes and asked me if I was Christopher Raglon. I’m assuming that he knew that, because he only had one paper left. Then he announced two things. First, he congratulated me on getting the top score in the class. Second, he announced that I wasn’t on his roll. Then he inquired of me as to whether or not that was a mistake. I told him no. Then I requested that he allow me to have 2 minutes of his class time. After that, I made my 2-minute address to the class.

For those of you who don’t know me, I feel confident saying that you will get to soon. My name is Christopher Raglon and as your teacher stated, I got the highest score on this pop quiz. Keep in mind that I did this and today is only my second day in this class. I noticed that there are two class clowns that seem to get yal into a lot of these pop quizzes. Well, I’m willing to counteract that action. As your teacher also stated, I’m not on his roll. He probably noticed when he tried to enter my grade. This is no mistake. I’m not on his roll, because I’m not enrolled in this class. I’m a math tutor. Now, don’t worry. I’m sure that your teacher will be willing to give yal the appropriate curve for this quiz. I’m here to let yal know that help is available. I charge fair prices and if you would like to request my services, I’ll be outside for awhile, after class. I’m willing to work with anybody, but the two class clowns.

Then I wrote my Twitter name (@TooDeepNot2Deep) on the drawing board, hung my perfect score quiz on the drawing board, and walked out.


Conversations With Myself (Part 2)

“No sir you haven’t.”

That was her response and she added a smiling-laugh face. I honestly don’t know what to think about it. On the surface, I thought to myself “CHRIS! You haven’t messed up yet!!!!!” However, as I thought more into it, she could’ve been sarcastic, she could’ve been amused, and she didn’t offer an explanation. So it could very well mean that she’s done with me. Was it her way of saying I’m being “dra-ma-tic”? Did it really just mean “No. We’re good.”? Did she think it was cute that I showed concern?

I am scared. I’m scared out of my mind. It’d be different if I didn’t know her tendencies, but I KNOW that if she cares, she usually goes into detail. She didn’t even ask why I felt this way. She didn’t let me know if she felt the distance too. Keep in mind that…this is the same girl that asked if she got two Red Box movies, would I consider them to be Red Box or Red Boxes? She believes in detail! This is the same girl that MADE SURE to LET YOU KNOW that she waited a month, before she gave you her new number. If she wanted you in her thoughts, she’d let you know.

It’s funny. I’m just thinking that…Chris, you were ready to react no matter what she said. Chris, go on about your day. For once, let her text YOU. Don’t respond. DON’T RESPOND!!!!! If she’s thinking about you, she’ll text you and ask how you’re feeling. If she doesn’t, then move on! Move on and believe that God has someONE better for you or someTHING better for you to do. After all these years, Lavincia is STILL right. You get caught up on things that you should be passed. It’s a new week! Let it go. One way or another, trust Delvanique to make the next move.

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Wrong End of A Love Song

Since the Daily Post prompt is ” is “Awe” I think this post is quite fitting. It’s about the moment in time that I realized things wouldn’t workout with this young lady and I. After a few months I realized how I didn’t always “play” things the right way and…I essentially just sat back in awe.

But I can’t be too upset. I would notice whenever she walked in the room, but I didn’t acknowledge her as she did with me. I remember the time she ran to me as I walked in the room. She was so excited to see me and she let not only me, but everybody in the room know it. But I just couldn’t match her energy; I didn’t match her energy.

I didn’t catch her when she fell and even worse, I didn’t help her back to her feet. I didn’t walk her to her car whenever we were out late. I didn’t take full advantage of the “us” moments she tried to create. I didn’t grab her butt when she wanted me to. I didn’t hold her hand long enough. I didn’t hold HER long enough. Whenever she pushed away I just let her go. I didn’t pull her back in and I didn’t resist.

I didn’t give her my jacket when she was cold. And even worse, I gave it to another girl. I could go on and ON about how I messed up, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I learned and I’m learning. Even further, I’m taking responsibility for my part in why “we” never got a chance.

I basically friend zoned myself as she tried with all her might to pull me out. She treated me like I was the rain maker to get her out of a drought. She wanted me to be the ice cream that made her scream and shout. She was just too bright for me. It just wasn’t right for me. I lost my way and she tried to be light for me.

For awhile, I was upset with her. I was upset with her, I was upset with God, and I was upset with myself; but the emphasis was on HER and God. I knew that I wasn’t perfect and I wasn’t trying to be. And maybe, just maybe that was the problem. That was MY problem. I didn’t think she was worth the effort of trying to be perfect for.

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Reasons Why I’m Juiceless

I remember the time I saw Porscha on the bus. I was already on the it and she was just getting on. Now, there were plenty of seats on the bus on this particular day, but she came and sat by me. She didn’t sit too close, but by no means was she too far away either. I guess you can say that it was at a distance. It was almost in a weirdo female logic kind of way, like she was saying “Hi”.

Unfortunately for me, by that point, I already knew who she was and some of the things that she’d done. So I sat there and minded my own business. As I did, she followed suit; by pretending to do something on her phone and never looking up. If I remember correctly, I ended up getting off before her. I know that I was headed to the rec. But anywho, I just couldn’t help but think “What if….”

I had had a crush on her for a good minute by that point, and I still do to this very day. Have yal ever looked back at a situation and thought of something very witty that you could’ve done? Well…here’s mine.

Imagine that I responded to her use of female logic. Imagine me getting up and moving directly next to her. Then I’d say something like “Excuse me, but I hope that you don’t mind if I sit here.” She would’ve probably responded by giggling at me and saying “Well…I don’t mind, but what made you choose that seat over all of the seats that you passed up (plus the seat that you were already sitting in)?” Then I would’ve responded by saying “Well…maybe if I’m lucky, then this will be my lucky seat. Hi, I’m Chris; but you can call me bae.” She responds “Oh really? What makes you say that?” And I’d say “Because I’m a stranger, I’ve been in what is deemed as being your personal space for 3 minutes, and our conversation has lasted this long.” I imagine her smiling super hard at this point and in her head, she’d probably be thinking “That was cute.” But she wouldn’t let herself tell me that, so she would have to come up with another response. Knowing females these days, she’d probably be like “Does everybody call you bae?” And I’d be like “No, because I’m not for everybody. Plus, not everybody knows me.” Then she’d follow that up with “Well what do the people that know you call you?” And I’d tell her Big Dude Making Big Moves. And she’d probably laugh and be like “I already know. I’ve asked about you around campus.”

Then for a split second, I’d pause. I’d pause, because I’d realize that she’s asked about me. She’s been “snooping” on me as I have on her! I already told yal that I knew her name. Then for a second, I’d start to think that maybe (just maybe) she’s as interested (or even close to as interested) in me as I am in her. And for that second, maybe I’d start thinking that this could really happen. But then…I’d probably snap back to reality. And…I’d remember that I just went on about my day.

This is the story of my life. These are the reasons why I’m juiceless. Read my last post to learn more about Porscha.

Story Time

It was funny, because the other day, I went to this “almost” event (an event that was supposed to happen but never happened), and I couldn’t get in at first. This lady comes to the door and I started to walk away. She opened the door and was like “Were you trying to get in? Why’d you walk off?”

I was like “Yes, but I know I’m a big guy and I saw you by yourself; I didn’t want you to feel intimidated.” Keep in mind that we were in a bad neighborhood. She responded by saying, “Baby, I’m a Police Officer, I think I’ll be alright.” Now…obviously, she was NOT in uniform. But the funny part was the shirt I had. You see, I had this shirt in my hand that I was going to change into, and it said, “If You See The Police Warn A Brotha”. I thought at first she might’ve been joking, but then I saw a police officer roll up. Then she was like “Plus, there’s my backup.”

And that was my laugh of the day. She had no idea why I was laughing so hard.