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NOT How I Wanted To Start My Day

As I was backing out of the driveway, this cop passed me by. After I got a little way down the road, I looked in my mirror and saw the cop turning around. Did I panic, no? Fast-forward five seconds later and there were six police cars down the street. SIX!!!!! And they were all split on both sides of the street!

Now THIS made me nervous!!!!! Some of them were out of their cars and they started walking in the middle of the road as I pulled up.

What happened? Surprisingly nothing. Nothing at all. I guess every run in with the police doesn’t have to be bad. BUT sometimes you won’t have any woes to ride thru the SIX with.

Make it a great day people.


Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

I can’t help but laugh. Can I tell yal a story about this bug that flew in my room? I kept hearing this noise, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I started hearing the noise more clearly and it sounded like it was coming from behind my head (there was a window behind my head). I started getting the feeling that it was a bee, so I went to get some bee spray.

I came back in my room and I could see it. FORTUNATELY it wasn’t a bee, BUT…unfortunately I went to spray the bug and THE SPRAY CAN WAS JAMMED!!!!!!! Did I panic? No. I went to get a paper towel from my bathroom. Ok, well…maybe I went and got more than one paper towel (BUT that’s neither here nor there). FORTUNATELY, the bug was still in the same spot when I got back. And it only took me two swipes to get it!

The first time I missed and it landed on my pillow.


I’m not going to lie to yal; I might’ve screamed a little bit. But ooooh that second time! That second time I was triumphant! I had a triumphant moment!


I was like “ME! BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!” It would’ve been nice to have someone like her to come celebrate my triumphant moment with me, but ehhh dreams don’t always come true.


And that’s my story of the night. Hope yal enjoyed your bedtime story.

All photos, links, and videos used are not my own. I take absolutely POSITIVELY no credit for them or their original thoughts.

Turn Down For What?

I’d like to share with yal about the Word that I heard at church! First of all, the lesson came from Joshua 1:1-9. For those of yal who don’t know where in the Bible Joshua is, it is the 6th book of the Bible and it more specifically can be located after Deuteronomy.

The subject of the lesson was “turning up” and the lesson was delivered through Minister (not Pastor) Lamont Ross. Also, “Turn down, for what?” was an underlying and well utilized question that centered around the sermon that morning.

Amongst other things that were said, something that really hit home was that we tend to chase success instead of chasing after God. As a result, once we finally “catch up” to success, we find out that it’s empty. HOWEVER, if we chase after God’s own heart and we KEEEEEP chasing after Jesus, we’ll find out that we won’t have to chase after success, because success will be chasing after us!

This Word was heard at Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ.

Address To The Union

I will NOT apologize for post on my page.
I will NOT apologize for post on my page.
I will NOT apologize for post on my page.
I will NOT apologize for post on my….

Okay guys. *Mentally prepares for a humbling moment* I know that sometimes my post can be a little…CHILDISH. So, I’m turning over a new leaf. I want you guys to tell me EXACTLY what I should be posting. I truly mean it. The old me would’ve said that if you don’t like my post, then you have an option not to see them at your immediate disposal. BUT that’s not right. You see, you guys are what make my page MY PAGE!!!!!! It has very little to do with me!

So get to it. Yal tell me what I should post (or post about next), and I’ll do it for the next rest of my life.